Welcome To The Future of Package Delivery

Porchboxx is a revolutionary product that is going to change the way we deal with shipping and receiving things. After COVID hit and quarantine increased eCommerce sales (400%), Porch Pirates decided to get more brazen by grabbing things right off of customers porches. While its so much more than an automated Electronic Package Delivery System (EPDS), at it’s core, it’s this years must have connected home device.

Step 1 – Place A Deposit

Place a $100 deposit today to reserve your Porchboxx, obtain placement in our first round of production models lock-in our Day One Pricing of $600. Porchboxxes are slated to start shipping Q3* and are limited to 500 pre-orders. Don’t miss the chance to be the first to own what is going to be, the product of the year.

Step 2 – Wait For Your Order Invite

Once estimated ship times moved to confirm ship times, you’ll receive an email to secure your order by paying the remaining balance. You will have 5 days to complete payment or your order # will be released to our waitlist. Your $100 deposit will be completely refundable** for 60 days and held in escrow until that time. If at any time you want to cancel your order, you may do so automatically here.

Step 3 – Help Us Promote!

The Porchboxx has evolved greatly from its inception. We have continually added features (haven’t removed any) and are open to suggestions for things we may have overlooked. We will have a referral system in place that will allow you to refer friends, help cross promote and make suggestions.

If you refer 10 individuals, we will ship you a Porchboxx completely FREE!

If you suggest a feature that we include (you have to be first), we will also ship you a Porchboxx completely FREE.

Once we are live, an incentive program for social media interaction will be activated and you will be able to earn rewards towards a discounted (or even free Porchboxx)..

Our Disclaimer

Porchboxx was launched to the world on February 17th. We have a limited number of slots available, so please don’t hesitate to lock in your pre-production pricing. 

Important Note. Pricing cannot be unconditionally guaranteed and unfortunately, may be subject to change. Tax, shipping and additional setup if opted) are not included. 

* Due to the rising logistical concerns between manufacturers and suppliers, we have to leave the standard disclosure here. While we guarantee to do everything we can to ensure delivery on time, we cannot control the global economy. While we know that’s a broad disclaimer and we wished we didn’t have to include it, we wanted to make sure you were aware.

** We use Stripe for payment processing. Your payment will sit in the Stripe holding account for 60 days, at which time, it will automatically be released and your deposit at that point will be non-refundable. 

Please review our Terms of Service here for more information. 

Your Porch.
Your Home.

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